Monteiro Rusu

Monteiro Rusu


Venture Capital & Private Equity

Our team acts since the incorporation of investment vehicles until the final negotiation of the assets that will be part of the portfolio, having as differential the ability to monitor all stages of the investment cycle.

We advise investment funds, portfolio managers, investee companies and domestic and foreign investors in all aspects of its business, including the structuring and fundraising, the incorporation of investment funds, the carrying on of its investments, the management of the portfolio invested and divestment transactions.

We have extensive experience in strategic and everyday aspects related to structuring and management of Venture Capital and Private Equity vehicles, including the advising of investment vehicles internationally recognized for investments in technology and internet, transactions focused on A Series or B Series, Seed Money and growth strategies through M&A.

We believe that our experience allows us to create and implement governance, control and compliance mechanisms refined and effective, providing our customers security in making decisions and conducting their business.